Body Work & Energy Healing for Animals

by Cheri Wildes of Steady Companion


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Body Work for Small Animals


Please Note:  Body Work Services must be conducted in person.

All Body Work Services include a complete pre-session assessment.

Small Animal - Massage


Benefits of Massage

  • Increases circulation of blood and other body fluids (lymph)
  • Releases endorphins by stimulating Acupressure Points (natural pain killers)
  • Increases flow of nutrients to muscles
  • Improves range of motion and enhances muscles tone
  • Increases venous flow encouraging the elimination of waste/toxins, and facilitating quicker recovery Relaxes muscle spasms and relieves tension
  • Alleviates stiffness and restores mobility to injured tissue
  • Prevents Injury and loss of mobility
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Increases athletic performance including endurance
  • Improves animals overall disposition and enhances emotional health

Therapeutic Massage

Improves circulation, muscle tone, range of motion and supports general wellness. It enhances and supports the overall well-being of the animal, increases their comfort and quality of life. Ideal for all age levels, particularly older animals, or those convalescing or suffering from impaired heart or kidney function.

Canine Sports Massage

Focuses on deep tissue work to release muscles, joints and tendons. Alleviates pain, allows contracted muscles to release and increases blood flow. It supports overall health maintenance, as well as post injury rehabilitation and recovery for both working animals and pets. Used to prepare muscles before exercise or competition to promote flexibility.

Trigger Point Therapy

Used to address hard nodules that develop and cause hyper-irritability in the muscle where it has been injured, over-worked, stressed or has poor circulation. Trigger Points can cut off blood flow and oxygen causing stagnation, irritation, referred pain, and toxins to settle into the muscle. Trigger Point Therapy is the application of pressure to tender muscle tissue to release constricted areas, relieve pain, and improve dysfunction or compensation in other parts of the body.

Bowen Touch Balancing Therapy


Bowen Touch Balancing Therapy Is a non-invasive therapeutic technique consisting of gentle, yet precise soft tissue manipulation.  There are short rest periods between moves within a Bowen procedure, and through-out the session to allow the body to absorb the work. Bowen Therapy through its non-traumatic approach, resets muscles and reminds the nervous system of the original tissue memory; relaxed, elastic, toned and responsive.

Benefits of Bowen Touch Balancing Therapy

  • Releases muscle tension, contraction and spasms
  • Addresses areas of compensation due to injury, exertion, age, etc.
  • Reminds Nervous System of original “tissue memory”
  • Returns the body to its natural alignment and improves movement

Energy Healing for All Animals


Please Note:  Energy Healing Services can be conducted in person, via phone of Skye.

All Energy Healing Services include a full pre-session consultation.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (eft)


A universal healing tool that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues. Working with the human and their animal, EFT involves tapping with finger tips on the Acupuncture Meridian Points. EFT helps to tune into the issue or problem proactively, while addressing associated disharmony. EFT utilizes the same meridian pathways as Traditional Chinese Medicine.


EFT Helps With

  • Training and behavioral issues
  • Chronic disease or illness
  • Event related performance anxiety or handling issues
  • Grief associated with loss or a challenging diagnosis
  • Issues adversely impacting the human/animal bond

The image to the right is an example of the EFT Tapping Points on a Horse.

Reiki Level 1 & 2


Reiki is a powerful, non-invasive healing technique based on the principle of channeling universal energy via touch, raised hand or remotely. When Reiki healing is used, universal energy flows into and through the practitioner, and then into the client. Reiki activates natural healing processes in the body, mind and spirit and restores physical and emotional well-being.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Releases muscle tension, contraction and spasms
  • Addresses areas of compensation due to injury, exertion, age, etc.
  • Reminds Nervous System of original “tissue memory”
  • Returns the body to its natural alignment and improves movement

Animal Communication & Speaking Engagements


Please Note:  Animal Communication Services can be conducted in person, via phone of Skye.

All Energy Healing Services include a full pre-session consultation.

Introductory session requirements do not apply to Animal Communication Services.

Animal Communication


Animal communication is an integral part of all our body work & energy healing services, and is also offered as a stand alone service. During body work & energy healing we use telepathic connection via mental images, words, feelings or emotions as an additional assessment tool. We also use animal communication to facilitate a connection and express our intention to help the animal. We use these same skills during our Animal Communication sessions to connect with the animal to assist with a variety of situations.

Animal Communication Helps With

  • Behavior & Training Issues
  • Integrating new pets into ones home
  • Identifying potential health issues to assist with Veterinary diagnosis
  • End of Life Transition/Decisions
  • Grief & Loss

Speaking Engagements

Interested in having us speak either in-person or on-line at an event, group or club gathering, or webinar?

Our goal is to create a high-level of audience engagement through discussion, demos, interactive participation, as well as Q&A.  We are happy to customize our topics to ensure they are designed with your event or group’s needs in mind.

We Offer Talks on the Following Topics

  • Body Work for Animals
  • Energy Healing for Animals
  • Responsible/Ethical Dog Breeding
  • Animal Communication

Complete and submit our Contact Form if you are interested in learning how we can help make your next event, meeting or webinar a success.

Services Pricing

Session Rates & Packages

Session Rates

Introductory Session 

Includes full assessment & session report

1.5 Hours @ $95.00

Follow Up Sessions 

Available after initial Intro session.

1 Hour @ $65.00

45 Mins @ $50.00   |   30 Mins @ $35.00

Package Discounts

Package pricing is based on 1 Hour sessions

Intro Package

Intro Session Plus 2 Additional @ $190

Magic 3  Package

3 Sessions of Same Modality @ $165

Zenergy Package 

6 Sessions Client’s Choice of Modality*

@ $315

*Sessions may be applied toward choice of Body Work, Energy Healing or a Combination for up to 3 animals.

Complimentary Consultations

Have questions or want more information about our services?

We offer complimentary 15 minute consultations.

Visit our Self Service Booking page to schedule your free consultation.

Or, feel free to give us a call!

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Policies, Fees & FAQ’s


Terms of Services, Policies & Fees

Terms of Service

Disclosure Statement & Terms of Service

I, Cheri Wildes, am not a Veterinarian.  I do not diagnose or treat medical issues, wounds, injuries, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, perform surgery or other mechanical therapies restricted to the field of Veterinary medicine.  I also do not, adjust or manipulate the animal’s body or spine, or perform Acupuncture. My role as a holistic Practitioner is that of a facilitator, assisting your animal to attain and maintain a naturally healthy state. The specific results of the body and energy work sessions will be different for each animal.

Benefits of Body & Energy Work

Some of the beneficial effects of body and energy work include:

  • Improved flexibility and body awareness.
  • Pain relief through endorphin release.
  • Muscle efficiency, increased performance and injury prevention.
  • Shortened recovery time from illness, injury or surgery.
  • Emotional calming, mood elevation and increase in trust.

Release of Liability & Consent

I have read and understand the above Disclosure Statement and Terms of Service regarding the services to be provided to my animal(s), by Cheri Wildes of Steady Companion. I understand that Cheri Wildes is not a Veterinarian, that the services given are not to be considered as Veterinary medical treatment, and the comments, suggestions and recommendations offered during this service are not to be construed as Veterinary medical advice. Body Work & Energy Healing and other holistic modalities are not a substitute for Veterinary medical care, but rather a cooperative form of therapy. I, wish to have this service for my animal(s). I give my consent and acknowledgement in compliance with the Washington State Veterinary Practice Act. I, certify that my animal(s) have received regular Veterinary care and vaccinations, as needed. By agreeing to these terms, I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the previous statements and consent to Cheri Wildes of Steady Companionperforming Body Work or Energy Healing Services or other holistic modalities as outlined above on my animal(s). I understand by agreeing to these terms, I am waiving any and all claims I may have against Cheri Wildes of Steady Companion.

In-Home Services Policy
We are happy to provide in home services to the following types of clients:
  • Existing Clients
  • New Clients Pre-Approved Following a Free 15 Minute Consultation.
  • Friends & Acquaintances
  • Referrals from Existing Clients, Friends & Acquaintances

Out of Area Travel Fee
  • Travel time for In-Home services does not count toward session time.
  • No travel fees will be charged for locations within a 50 mile radius of Snohomish, WA.
  • Locations beyond 50 miles of Snohomish, WA. will be charged $1.00 per mile.

Cancellation Policy
We understand conflicts or illnesses arise, and appointments sometimes need to be rescheduled. In the event a client needs to reschedule, we ask, if possible, to be notified at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment.
If a conflict arises after the 24 hour notice window, and a client is unable to make their scheduled appointment, we ask that they notify us as soon as possible of their need to reschedule.

Missed Appointment Fee

If clients do not notify us of their desire to cancel or reschedule their appointment, based on the Cancellation Policy noted above, and do not show up for their scheduled appointment, depending on the circumstances, the client may be charged a $50.00 Missed Appointment Fee.

Returned Check Policy
If one of our services is paid for via check, and the check is returned for any reason, the client will be notified immediately. All returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 Returned Check Fee, regardless of the amount of the original check. The following terms also apply
  • Outstanding balances must be cleared by paying with cash or credit card before future services can be received.
  • If Client has more than two checks returned in a 90 day period, all future services must be paid by cash or credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it Not Advised to do Hands-on Body Work on an Animal?
A:  The following is a list of situations, also known as contraindications, when it is not advised to perform body work, or when Veterinary approval is required.
  • Animal is in shock – Shock lowers blood pressure and massage lowers it even more.
  • Animal has cancer – Requires Veterinary Approval.
  • Animal has a suspicious undiagnosed mass – Requires Veterinary Approval.
  • Animal has a lymphatic condition – Requires Veterinary Approval.
  • Animal has a fever or is on antibiotics for an infection.
  • Animal has open wounds or blisters – Can be massaged, but these areas will be avoided.
  • Animal has a contagious skin condition, such as ring worm, etc.
  • Animals has a torn muscle, tendon, ligament, or acute sprain – Requires Veterinary Approval.
  • Animal has a recent fracture – Can be massaged, but this area will be avoided.
  • Animal has had recent surgery – Requires Veterinary Approval.
  • Within 30 minutes following a meal.
  • More than once in a 24-hour period.
  • Animal does not want to be touched or in some way is not receptive to body work.

Please Note: The above listed contraindications generally do not apply when performing energy healing services.

What Type of Animals Do You Work With?
A:  Our body work services such as Massage or Bowen, are only offered to Small Animals, e.g., dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. Our energy healing services are available to all types of animals.

What if My Animal Has an Illness or Injury?
A:  Please refer to the list of contraindications related to “body work” noted above. We request your transparency in terms of any known medical conditions. There are a series of questions on our New Patient Intake Form pertaining to recent illnesses, injuries or surgery.  These are to help us understand your animal’s medical history, confirm your animal is no longer experiencing any contraindications, has the appropriate Veterinary release, and is able to receive body work. If your animal has a diagnosed chronic condition, we may require a release from your primary or specialist Veterinarian prior to working with your animal.  The contraidications listed generally do not apply when performing energy healing services.

Do You Work With Intact, (not spayed or neutered), or Animals with a Bite History?
A:  Yes. We work with intact animals, as well as animals with behavior challenges, bite histories, and fear of Veterinary situations. We request your transparency in terms of any known bite incidents or behavior issues, to allow us to create a plan to work most effectively, and successfully, with your animal.

Can I Still Call or E-Mail to Schedule an Appointment?
A:  Yes. Clients are welcome to call or e-mail us to schedule their appointment. We will input your appointment into our booking system.  You will receive an invitation that you can add to your calendar, plus reminders via text and e-mail, as well as use the rescheduling features if necessary.

What if I Don't Use E-Mail or Text? Will I Still Get Appointment Reminders?
A:  Yes. If you call to make an appointment, just let us know that you do not use text or e-mail.  We will call you 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment as a reminder. If at that time you need to reschedule, you will have plenty of time to notify us within our 24 hour cancellation window.  Please refer to our Cancellation Policy.

What Forms of Payments Do You Accept?
A:  Our booking system accepts PayPal and all major credit cards as part of the booking process. We also accept cash or checks. Please refer to our Returned Check Policy.  Paying in advance via our booking system allows us to start your session immediately, versus taking time to process the payment before we begin.

What If I'm Not Sure Which Services My Animal Needs?
A:  We encourage all new or existing clients who are interested in having us work on an animal we haven’t seen before, to schedule a Complimentary 15 Minute Free Consultation. This will allow us to discuss the animals needs, and decide on the most effective approach for helping that particular animal. We can also address any additional questions you may have about our services.

What If My Animal Isn't Comfortable Getting on a Massage Table?
A:  Massage and Reiki are the only services that are easier for the practitioner to perform on a massage table.  Even so, none of our services require your animal to be on a table if they are not comfortable. For in-office appointments, we also have an assortment of beds and mats your animal can choose from. For in-home visits, we can perform our services on the floor, their favorite bed, the couch; anywhere your animal prefers.

What If My Animal Isn't Receptive to Body Work?
A:  We charge for our time regardless of the service. We also offer more than one type of body work or energy healing. Most can be conducted without even touching your animal since we can work in their energy field. (An animal’s energy field is much larger than that of a human).  During a session, we will work with you to determine the best approach(es) to most effectively help your animal.

What Should I Expect After Booking a Session?
A:  Once your appointment is confirmed, we will send you two forms: a New Patient Intake Form and a Terms of Service & Release Form. Both forms should be completed and returned no later than 24 hours prior to your session. You have the option of uploading the forms into your account in our booking system, or returning the forms via e-mail. We will upload them into our system for you.

Why Do I Have to Return My Completed Forms 24 Hours Prior to My Appointment?
A:  This allows sufficient time for us to review your forms, identify follow-up questions, input your information into our system, and prepare in advance for your session.

What if I Don't Have Time to Complete My Forms, or My Appointment is Scheduled Less Than 24 Hours in Advance?
A: You can bring copies of completed forms with you, or we will work with you to complete and sign your forms at the beginning of the session.

Please Note: This will cut into your session time, delay our ability to work on your animal, and may affect the amount of time we can spend working with them.

Why Do I Have to Complete a New Patient Intake Form for Each Animal?
A: Each animal’s health history is unique so their needs will vary, as will their treatment plan. If we have never worked with that animal before, we need time to get to know them and their history.  If you are an existing client you only need to complete your name and the new animal’s details.  The rest of your information will already be in our system.

Why is an Introductory Appointment Required, and Why Will it Take 90 Minutes?
A: Again, each animal’s health history is unique so their needs will vary, as will their treatment plan. If we have never worked with your animal before, we need time to get to know them. We will then complete the pre-session assessment, which includes reviewing your New Patient Intake Form in detail. The longer appointment allows sufficient time to complete the intake, and perform the services on your animal, including taking required notes.

What Should I Expect During an In-Home, Skype or Phone Session?
A: The following guidelines apply to either body work or energy healing sessions.
  • If the session is for a dog, before the session begins please take your animal out for a bathroom break.
  • Please remove all animals and humans who are not participating in the session from the location where the session will be conducted. (This will help to avoid distractions).
  • Have plenty of fresh water available for your animal in the location where the session will be conducted. (They may need a drink at some point during the session).
  • If the session is for a dog, ensure your animal is wearing a comfortable flat collar, and a leash is available.
  • The collar and lead are used during the observation portion of the assessment, and during in-person Bowen sessions.
  • For in-person sessions, if we don’t already know your animal, we will introduce ourself, share our positive intentions to help them, and give them time to get familiar.
  • If it is a body work session, during the observation/assessment, we will determine if your animal is receptive to receiving body work.
  • If not, we can discuss alternatives to body work that will effectively address your animal’s needs.
  • We will review your completed New Patient Intake Form, and discuss recommendations for treatment options.
  • For in-person sessions, we will perform the pre-session assessment which includes a series of visual observations, raised hand and hands on palpation assessments.
  • During the assessment and actual session, we will take additional notes in an electronic version of your New Patient Intake Form.As necessary, we will discuss any observations not already included on your form.
  • We will ensure your animal is comfortable to proceed, and then begin performing body work or energy healing services.
  • Upon conclusion of the body work or energy healing services, we will offer your animal a drink, allow him or her to take a bathroom break, and will conduct another visual observation looking for changes.
  • We will discuss any recommendations/instructions we have for your animal following the session.
  • The timeframe for when to expect to receive a PDF copy of the Session Details.
  • Schedule your next appointment if applicable.

What Should I Expect After a Session?
A: The list below includes some follow up instructions, as well as behavioral or physical signs your animal may exhibit.

  • The list below includes some follow up instructions, as well as behavioral or physical signs your animal may exhibit.
  • Refrain from immediately petting your animal after the session, as they will still be processing the work.
  • Your animal may experience increased calmness, increased energy, freer movement, etc.
  • They may feel very relaxed and want to nap.
  • After a session let your animal rest for as long as they want.
  • Please give them quiet time away from other animals if needed.
  • Limit any rough housing with other animals immediately following the session.
  • Have plenty of fresh water available for your animal after the session. They may be more thirsty than usual.
  • If your animal goes through the process of releasing toxins, they may need more frequent bathroom breaks.
  • Following body work, it is not unusual for an animal to exhibit increased lameness or other possible sensitivity, e.g., experience what is called healing crisis. This should subside in 24 to 48 hours. It is part of the re-alignment and healing process.

Have a Question Not Addressed Here?
A: Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns about your animal following one of our body work or energy healing sessions.

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